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Come Back Alive is the indispensable and witty guide to avoiding nasty situations, whether on a business trip, an adventure vacation, or a weekend hike. In this book, the author of the classic travel annual The World's Most Dangerous Places, Robert Young Pelton--"Dangerman" (Toronto Globe & Mail); "tourist with an attitude" (Outside magazine); "the patron saint of adventure travelers" (ZineZone. com)--reveals the secrets that have kept him alive and laughing:

in the desert: finding water where it ain't, dehydration and rehydration, copping a nuclear tan in the jungle: trekking, camping, jungle tucker, what to do when there's no bridge in the woods: when you're tentless and clueless, when dinner's still mobile in the snow: dressing for excess; building a snow cave, what to do when someone's going hypo on the road: surviving adventure travel, from mild to wild when assaulted: passive self-defense, active self-defense, better ideas in self-defense when kidnapped: how to avoid it, how to survive it during natural disasters: hurricanes, avalanches, lightning, earthquakes, and more! when facing nasty animals: animals that bite you, eat you, sting you, and what to do when Bambi strikes back

You will also learn strategies for adventure travel, urban areas, war zones, terrorism, crime spots, and even the dangers of your own house--the place you're most likely to get into trouble.

Whether you are young or old, man or woman, going on a business trip, a ski weekend, an African safari, or just to the corner store, Come Back Alive gives you the comprehensive and fascinating advice you'll need to protect yourself. No matter where you're going, what you're doing, or how dangerous you want to get, Come Back Alive is essential to your safe and stylish return.

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