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The Unfriendly Skies: RYP Tells Us What it's Like to be Mortared on the Front Lines of Libya's Civil War

Who goes into the hot zone of Libya's war in the summer, and braves drones and mortars?  Our founder, RYP does.  What did he carry on this adventure?  DPx HEST/F Urban Ti - small and functional while drinking a beer and dodging mortar fire.  Read the full article in this month's RECOIL magazine.

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Knife Hands

Read about the best methods behind knife grip when it comes to combatives in the latest issue of Concealment Magazine (by RECOIL).  Featured are the DPx HEST 6, (which was designed for this) and the DPx HEST/F Urban G10.


DPx Aculus Flipper Review

Wes Siler of Outside Magazine reviews the DPx Aculus Flipper in his latest article.


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