DPx Gear products sold as new with proof of receipt are warrantied for the lifetime of the original customer. DPx Gear will repair or replace product(s) at its own discretion including replacement or refund if warranted.


To be eligible for this benefit you must fill out a DPx Gear Product Registration Form with original new sales receipt. To open a claim and/or register your product, fill out these forms:

If you are experiencing trouble with any of these forms, you may email us your information to customerservice@dpxgear.com or click the email icon located on the bottom of the DPx Gear website and refer to "Warranty Claim" or "Register" in the subject line.

Once you are in our system via registration or through a purchase from DPxGear.com, you are a DPx Gear customer.  If you made a purchase through our website (DPxGear.com), you are automatically registered.

We must have the knife returned to DPx Gear to validate a warranty claim and to ensure complete operational and safety inspection and to continue your lifetime warranty after repair.


If you own a DPx Gear product and would like to return your product, please provide us the registration information and fill out any claim form(s) that are sent to you completely.

When your claim is reviewed, a representative will contact you. We will inspect the product for any defects in material and/or workmanship.

Warranty claims require return to the factory and can take time, please be prepared for this when you send in your knife.


Some of our collectible products are limited edition runs with no replacement parts or units retained in stock. Repair may require modification or use of newer parts. 

In some cases lost screws or minor parts are available for sale, but we do not generally stock these parts for resale, only for factory approved repairs.

If you modify your knife by replacing or altering hardware, parts, frames, blades etc. with aftermarket non-DPx parts, or consult a non-authorized professional for repairs, this excludes you from the warranty.

DPx Gear does not support counterfeit products and we encourage all customers to check with DPx Gear if you have any doubts about the validity of a new or used product for sale.

We do not sell major parts or encourage customers to modify the integrity of DPx Gear products.

Concerns like corrosion with our high carbon steels are normal and can be prevented with proper care and maintenance.

Products must be used as instructed. 


You will get many years of dependable service from all our products with just a modicum of care and maintenance.

Keep your knife sharp.  To sharpen your knife we recommend a good sharpening kit or practice with a whet stone. Diamond sharpeners are also fine but do not use a grinding wheel or stone.

A good working edge of 15 degrees is optimal (the angle at which you hold the knife to the sharpening stone) is ideal for fine work. A narrower grind than 15 degrees can increase sharpness can reduce the cutting duration and lead to damage. This means both sides of the edge will be 30 degrees. 

Having a good stone, diamond or ceramic rod for touch ups in the field is also a good idea.  Leather strops and sharpening kits like Wicked Edge or Ken Onion’s Work Sharp are good long term investments.

Good articles on knife sharpening

Remove dirt, dust and lubricate sparingly. Grease tends to attract dirt in folding knifes. Many of our products are shipped with Delrin washers which do not need lubrication. 

Check pivot screws for the appropriate tightness, do not over tighten. DPx Gear products are adjusted before leaving the factory.

PVD and other matte black coating will show scratches and wear from use. This does not affect the function of the knife.


DPx Gear is happy to help answer any questions regarding purchasing, registering or warrantying your product.  All contact can be directed to customerservice@dpxgear.com or by clicking the email button located at the bottom of the website.