FAQ List

Please consult this list to help answer any questions you may have, until we can respond personally:

Feel free to visit some of our common links and resources, should they apply to your query:

  • For common questions related to shipping, warranty and customer service related questions, visit: www.dpxgear.com/pages/customer-service
  • To submit a warranty claim go here
  • For marketing, press, reviews, advertising queries, please email claire@dpxgear.com
  • For dealer inquiries, please go through our main distributor, Blue Ridge Knives and apply here
  • For more information about our shipping policy, and what to expect after placing your order, shipped order protocol, etc., go here

Some Common Customer Service FAQs:

  • FIRST TIME PURCHASE DISCOUNT CODE:  If you signed up for our email list and haven't received your welcome email, make sure to check your junk folder.  It should be sent to you immediately.  The code is "New Sign Up" - enter this at checkout.
  • PHONE CALLS:  We do not have the ability to constantly answer calls and respond to voicemails, so if you have not reached a live person, or have not received a call back, this is why. The best way to reach us is via text to (619) 780-6200 or email.
  • DEALER INQUIRIES:  We no longer accept direct dealers, but are happy to add you to our main distributor's dealer network - Blue Ridge Knives - you can apply here.
  • KNIFE MODEL OUT OF STOCK:  If we do not have the product you are looking for, don't forget to support our loyal dealer network.  The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to Google the knife's SKU.  This is the number that typically starts with DPHS...  We do not have access to all of our dealer's stock levels, so we will literally be doing this same thing to help you, if you ask us to offer ideas.
  • BLADE SHARPENING DIAGRAM AND GENERAL CARE ADVICE:  Our blade sharpening angle, as well as sharpening and basic care advice can be found here.

Shipping and Tracking of An Order:

  • SHIPPING STATUS:  We can experience a high volume of orders, especially during a holiday, new product release, or promotion.  We do our absolute best to get your purchase sent out as soon as we can, but sometimes we run out of stock at our headquarters.  This can lead to us needing to drop ship your item from a distributor and can lead to lag time in getting you your tracking info.  
    • Even if they have shipped it already, there can be a delay in us getting the tracking info to update the system.  If you are ever in need of an update, you may text or email us to see the status.  
    • Once we receive tracking from the warehouse, we update your order, which sends you an automated email with that info.  We are at the mercy of their manpower and hours, so we will do our best to get you this info in a timely manner.
  • TRACKING:  Once the package has left us, we have the same control over your item as you do, when it comes to tracking, updates or any claims.  For detailed information, please consult our shipping policy here.  Please don't ask us to reroute, it or make major changes once it has been sent.  This creates chaos and delays your order.  For international orders, you may see long waits at their holding facilities in Carol Stream, IL or City of Industry, CA, and others.  This is normal.  Again - your best bet is to contact your carrier directly, not us, for an accurate status update.

International Orders:

We are in the process of optimizing our international sales by offering our products through a trusted manufacturing partner, so stay tuned on this.  Our hopes are to eliminate a lot of the challenges we face shipping from the U.S. to our loyal overseas customers.

  • OVERSEAS ORDERS:  International orders may take longer for the reasons listed above.  Our distributors don't ship internationally, so sometimes we need to have the product sent to us, then the destination.
  • CUSTOMS:  We have optimized our claims forms to ensure your product is approved at the border, but we cannot control the outcome.  If you need a copy of an invoice or more details for the movement of your purchase through customs, you may request this via email, and we will do our best to help you.  It is the customer's responsibility to know the requirements and regulations pertaining to their country,  We will not alter our products to "beat the system" - i.e. lock down blades, send as parts, etc.

Repairs, Warranty, Replacement Parts, and Product Registration:

  • SPARE PARTS:  We do not sell spare parts and do not recommend DIY repairs on your knife.  If you are in need of a tune up or repair of your knife, please submit a warranty claim: Warranty Claim Form.  
    • The spare parts we do sell (i.e. pocket clips and glass breaker screws) are on the website.  If it isn't in stock on there, we don't have a magic stash here at HQ.  
    • We do zero repairs and adjustments here, we rely on the manufacturer(s) - aka the experts - to do any warranty tune ups and repair.  
  • SHARPENING SERVICES:  If you have botched the blade on your knife with a subpar sharpening job, that is your responsibility.  We will do our best to get things right or coach you to the correct solution.  
    • If you are looking for a touch up, or professional sharpening done on your knife, you may send it to us, but we will be outsourcing this to a trusted pro in our area and charging you.  Consider the efficiency of coordinating this yourself to avoid added shipping cost and time away from your knife.  
  • WARRANTY CLAIM:  We leave the decision of the repairability or salvageability of a certain knife to our manufacturer, and stand by their call.  They base their decision on the potential safety of the unit, once repaired, as well as the availability of old parts for replacement.  
    • For those who have older models, like the HEST/F 1.0 (our first generation folders), and certain Kickstarter Urban models, we are starting to see these arriving beyond functional repair.  Instead, consider keeping it as a collectable and contact us for a loyal customer discount code to apply to the purchase of an upgrade.
  • WARRANTY CLAIM TIMING/PROCESSING:  We are at the mercy of the manpower and timing of our manufacturer doing the warranty work.  They graciously do warranty work for us, in addition to their normal production workload.  
    • Timing of a warranty repair can vary, especially if it is sent overseas to LionSTEEL to be assessed, or needs custom parts or attention.  Please be patient, as we sometimes can't get up to the minute updates on your specific knife.  Warranty repairs are sent in batches, and returned in batches, to be efficient with shipping and tracking.  
    • If you haven't heard from us, you will - as soon as they are back and ready to be returned.  If you are concerned for the length of time your knife will be gone, please assume the worst case scenario with timing, we do not have control over this and can't anticipate changes or outcomes.  Also consider the timing of closures associated with major holidays when sending in your knife.
  • USED KNIFE PURCHASES:  Please do not buy used knives that have been altered, over sharpened, generally mangled, taken apart by an amateur, etc. and send them in as a warranty claim.  Chances are if you bought it on eBay for a price that is too good to be true, it has been abused and you are buying something that is not salvageable.  Save yourself the hassle and cost.  While we always do our best to get knives refurbished and repaired for our loyal customers, we can spot a scam when we see one, and chances are, our manufacturers will not put their time and effort into something too far beyond repair.  
  • REPAIRABILITY QUESTIONS:  If you have any questions or concerns related to a knife for sale used, or whether or not you think your knife is a good candidate for repair, we are happy to chat more and evaluate pictures and offer our thoughts.  
  • PRODUCT REGISTRATION:  To ensure you are a customer/DPx Gear knife owner on record, and didn't buy on the DPxGear.com website, you can always fill out our Product Registration Form.  If you purchased your knife through our website, we have you on record and will not need to fill this form out.
  • WARRANTY REPLACEMENTS:  In the instance that a warranty knife is deemed unsalvageable, we may offer a replacement of a newer version.  It is not recommended you keep your old knife, but we do understand the sentimental value the original knife may hold for a customer.  If we can, we will return it under the disclaimer that it is no longer safe to use and any injury or failure is the owner's responsibility.  
  • PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT A WARRANTY REPLACEMENT WITH A DIFFERENT MODEL KNIFE.  For example:  an unsalvageable HEST/F 1.0 replaced with a Leggaro, or CHOP, or similar.  This is not common practice.  We are replacing the original product with the most suitable model if it no longer exists, or if we do not have the exact same one in stock. The cost(s) of replacement may vary significantly.  We will offer this as an option on a case by case basis, and it is our sole discretion to authorize it or not.  We can, however, offer a discount ("trade in") on a new one, if the customer's preference is to try a new model knife in lieu of receiving a replacement.

Thank you for your support and patience - we look forward to talking soon!

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