Fans of DPx Gear will know that Founder and Designer Robert Young Pelton spends a significant amount of time immersed in front-line combat areas with special operations troops. Part of his goal is to see how his knives are used and how to improve them for rugged, no excuses, customers.  DPx Gear products are designed for function first, using only the most durable materials, then carefully tuned to match real world uses. The world of Military Specifications or “Milspec” is an oft-abused term to describe products.

Our troops are typically issued with “lowest price bidder” tools which in many cases means cheap consumer products made with plastic handles, automatic opening gimmicks and even a higher replacement than purchase cost (DPx Gear was asked to sit down with Naval Special Warfare to look at replacing a well-known consumer brand they spent more money replacing than purchasing for issue).

The requirements of forward troops is simple. Their knife has to not break, it has to perform poking, stabbing, cutting, prying and hammering without causing more damage to their operation and again…It must not break. There must be little to no requirement for maintenance, lubrication, adjustment or sharpening.