DPx HEST/F Leggaro

Introducing the HEST/F Leggaro

Leggaro means light in Italian.  High performance car makers went to Italy to fine tune their high performance cars, but we were already there.  Our famous hard use folder engineered, tweaked, tuned and perfected into an ultra light, ultra strong, all Titanium alloy flipper.

The blade steel is Bohler Uddenholm M390 Clean Steel.  The bearings are specifically tuned IKBS, the hardware is DPx Gear's exclusive American 7/64 hex.

Imagine everything you wanted in a hard use folder, but lighter, faster, and, well...sexier.  When your EDC needs to be ultra light, ultra strong and DPx Gear.

Available in four configurations:

Cerulean Blue 
Etruscan Bronze
Platinum Grey


Features include:

  • M390 Bohler blade steel
  • Hand tuned and finished
  • Triple opening choice - flipper, thumb stud, blade notch
  • Custom IKBS system
  • Tuned 3D Ti scales
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Limited Run

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