DPx HEST/F 4.0

The HEST/F 4.0, short for Hostile Environment Survival Tool/Folder, embodies DPx Gear's unwavering commitment to superior craftsmanship and continuous improvement. 

As the company celebrates its 16th year in operation, this new release reaffirms its dedication to creating products that are better, stronger, and more durable than ever before.  These new models hit the market with CPM Magnacut blade steel paired with a new flipper and bearing set up.  Two configurations lead the release; a Milspec model with Black G10 scales and stonewashed blade and a Micarta model featuring Green Canvas Micarta and a stonewashed blade and hardware.   

Robert Young Pelton, founder of DPx Gear and renowned conflict journalist, states, "The HEST/F 4.0 is the culmination of years of real-world testing and user feedback. It's more than just a knife; it's a companion, a talisman, and a piece of history that's designed to last a lifetime."

The HEST/F 4.0 builds upon the legacy of Pelton's original fixed blade survival knife design, which he created for ESEE Knives circa 2008. It maintains the core principles of being compact, tough, affordable, and meticulously engineered, while incorporating innovative features that set a new standard in the industry, like 7/16” hardwares, reversible pocket clips, pot holder/cap lifter and 

New Additions to Three Generations of Proven Design Features

While the 4.0s reflect many of the enduring design features of previous folding knives, some unique changes are welcomed, including flippers and bearings across all models, and new U.S. made CPM Magnacut blade steel.

The new models retain classic hard use features like its 7/64” hardware, reversible pocket clip, and stainless steel lockbar inserts, a patented blade notch that can be used as a quick open feature, pot holder and cap lifter; heavy jimping that doubles as wire strippers for the three major gauges of household, detonation and automotive electrical wire; and a 1/4“ hex driver/lanyard hole at the butt of the knife. 

In all Pelton has designed the go to, last forever pocket knife for a lifetime of adventure. DPx Gear has partnered with LionSteel in Maniago Italy to ensure the vision of quality and toughness is delivered. “We have watched LionSteel grow and perfect the manufacture of no compromise blades since we were their first customer back in 2010," Pelton remarks.

"The DPx HEST/F 4.0 series is the latest product to deliver the benefits of Pelton’s continuous drive for perfection to demanding customers. It has my name on it. It better make me smile every time," Pelton quips.  

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