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June 02, 2017 2 Comments

San Diego, California based DPx Gear® unveiled their newest folding knife platform at the 2017 BLADE show in Atlanta, Georgia. Their first 100% U.S.A. sourced and manufactured folding knife.


The initial design was limited to 100 units and tested on Kickstarter. That run  quickly sold out before it was produced. Now in partnership with Zac Brown Southern Grind, DPx Gear has perfected the production version of this high end blade. 

"I designed my first knife in 2008, after being badgered for ten years by ESEE owner Jeff Randall,” says DPx Gear founder and adventurer Robert Young Pelton, “now, 24 US and International patents later, this is the latest rung of that journey into the high end survival gear business.”

Pelton is best known for surviving over two dozen wars. Pelton has become a commuter to places like Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan and more. DPx Gear was an outgrowth of his need for real world products used in such hostile places. Products designed and built without compromise.

“His design philosophy is based on his time on the front lines with everyone from U.S. Special Forces, covert units and even rebels,” says DPx Gear co-owner Lisa Pelton, a CPA who has seen her father disappear into conflicts, “our goal is to make a knife that will not fail and then back it with exceptional customer service.”

The idea of carefully sourcing and obsessively manufacturing every single part and component, using only the most durable materials is not a task taken lightly by Pelton. “We not only wanted to keep manufacturing and jobs in America but also raise the satisfaction bar for the owner. It’s a tough knife made without excuses, for a lifetime of use with refinements in design born from our patience to field test it to get it just right.” Pelton continues, “I treat my customers like friends and family, all the way from the initial idea to customer service. I don’t accept anything less than excellence”.

The DPx HEST/F Urban Titanium First Run will feature:

  • American 6Al4v Titanium Frame. A frame made of aerospace quality, American 6Al4v titanium alloy in a stonewashed finish.
  • CPM S35V Stainless Steel Blade. A U.S. made and formulated martensitic blade steel also in a stonewashed finish.
  • Bearing Pivot. Stainless steel caged bearing pivot hardware for rapid deployment and effortless opening and closing.
  • DPx Gear Patented Blade Notch. Designed to allow the knife to open faster than an automatic and to the rear of the holder, keeping it safe from the assailant. Naturally it was also designed to open beer bottles and function as a pot holder.
  • Integral ¼” Hex Drive. DPx believes if you are going to carry around a quality knife it better earn its keep. Pairing commonly used hex tools with our built in hex drive turns your DPx HEST/F Urban into a multi tool.
  • DPx Gear Patented Tri-Gauge Wire Strippers. Jimping that doubles as wire strippers in the exact size of household gauge, auto and even timer wires (for blasting or electronics).
  • Frame Lock. The US-invented frame lock for bulletproof lockup. First used in Chris Reeves’ famous Sebenza® knives it has become the standard locking feature for high-end custom knives. We added a stainless steel cap to reduce wear on the lock face.
  • Glass Breaker. The DPx HEST/F Urban has a tungsten carbide glass breaker. A potentially lifesaving tool in the event of an auto accident or fire.
  • Reversible, Deep Carry Pocket Clip. The deep carry clip ensures your knife rides as low and as unobtrusively as possible in your pocket. The clip is fully reversible to meet your carry needs.


UPC: 852238006275

Country of Origin: USA

MSRP: $468.75


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2 Responses

DPx Gear
DPx Gear

September 17, 2019

Yes – Southern Grind makes our knives in the USA in Peachtree City (Atlanta), GA

Rodney McElrath
Rodney McElrath

March 12, 2018

Is the USA made in the Southern Grind facility?

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