DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Flippe rPrototype

DPx Gear Expands Its “Made In America” EDC Folder Line Including Its First Flipper

June 01, 2018 8 Comments

Atlanta, GA – June 1st, 2018 – DPx Gear, the knife company created by adventurer and war correspondent Robert Young Pelton, has teamed up with Zac Brown’s Southern Grind to add new models and versions to its hit mid-tech EDC product, the DPx HEST/F Urban Titanium (“Ti”) including a new flipper configuration.
The tougher, smaller brother of the famous DPx HEST/F (Hostile Environment Survival Tool/Folding) loses none of the functionality and is engineered to be stronger than its bigger brother.
This year at BLADE Show, DPx Gear will offer new matte black PVD coated versions of the Mr. DP and America Urban models and a bronze-anodized version with a copper mokume-gane spacer for sale. DPx Gear will be debuting a prototype of its new flipper configuration of the DPx HEST/F Urban Ti with three dimensional diamond tooling pattern on the handle scale. “We have come a long way from the original Kickstarter model,” says Lisa M. Pelton, co-owner of DPx Gear, “innovative design and new product introduction is a slow and steady process” DPx is at Booth #844 at the BLADE Show being held in the Cobb Galleria Centre June 1st through 3rd, 2018.
The Urban line features one of America’s finest martensitic blade steel formulations, the famous CPM S35VN stainless steel in a high sabre grind that is 3 inches long and 0.16 inches thick at the spine. The frame is a 6Al4v Grade 5 American titanium alloy. This approach to corrosion resistant, over-engineered products is why DPx Gear has plenty of fans in the military, law enforcement and first responder community.
The Urban functions as a multi-tool: not only does the Urban line feature DPx Gear’s patented bottle opener/quick open feature, there is a reversible, deep carry, heat treated titanium alloy clip; stainless steel lock bar insert, tungsten carbide glass breaker, wire strippers jimping and a standard ¼ inch hex drive. The design carries forward DPx Gear products’ dual use as a cutting tool and non-lethal self-defense tool when closed.
“When Survival is Your Life” is not an empty slogan at DPx Gear. Pelton designs and tests his knives in combat situations that range from Afghanistan to Somalia to Libya. “Watching our customers use our knives in the field, listening to their input in real time and constantly tweaking and improving our designs drives our product lineup. Building an all-American product, with an obsession for tight tolerances, hard use reliability and outstanding customer service is our goal,” said DPx Gear founder Robert Young Pelton, “we are also thrilled to find an all-American manufacturing partner in Southern Grind, American craftsmen who share our vision and constantly exceed our expectations”.
The special models released exclusively at BLADE Show will include:
  • DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Flipper (prototype): Three dimensional diamond pattern.
  • DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Black Flag: USA flag CNC pattern with tumbled black PVD coating.
  • DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Mr. DP Black: Mr. DP logo CNC pattern with tumbled black PVD coating.
  • DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Bronze: bead blasted, bronze anodized titanium scales with multi-layered Chad Nichols copper, brass and nickel silver mokume gane 0.19 inch thick spacer. 
The DPx HEST/F Urban Ti line features:
  • American 6Al4v Titanium Frame. A frame made of aerospace quality, American 6Al4v titanium alloy.
  • CPM S35VN Stainless Steel Blade. A U.S. made and formulated martensitic blade steel also in a stonewashed finish.
  • Bearing Pivot. Stainless steel caged bearing pivot hardware for rapid deployment and effortless opening and closing.
  • Integral ¼” Hex Drive. DPx believes if you are going to carry around a quality knife it better earn its keep. Pairing commonly used hex tools with our built in hex drive turns your DPx HEST/F Urban into a multi tool.
  • Frame Lock. The US-invented frame lock for bulletproof lockup. First used in Chris Reeves’ famous Sebenza® knives it has become the standard locking feature for high-end custom knives. We added a stainless steel cap to reduce wear on the lock face.
  • Glass Breaker. The DPx HEST/F Urban has a tungsten carbide glass breaker. A potentially lifesaving tool in the event of an auto accident or fire.
  • Reversible, Deep Carry Pocket Clip. The deep carry clip ensures your knife rides as low and as unobtrusively as possible in your pocket. The clip is fully reversible to meet your carry needs.
All models except for the flipper configuration include:
  • DPx Gear Patented Blade Notch. Designed to allow the knife to open faster than an automatic and to the rear of the holder, keeping it safe from the assailant. Naturally it was also designed to open beer bottles and function as a pot holder.
  • DPx Gear Patented Tri-Gauge Wire Strippers. Jimping that doubles as wire strippers in the exact size of household gauge, auto and even timer wires (for blasting or electronics).

Weight:                        3.35 oz
Blade Length:              2.9 in
Blade Steel:                 CPM S35VN
Blade Coating:             Uncoated, stonewashed or black PVD-coated
Blade Thickness:         0.16 in
Blade Grind:                 High Sabre Grind
Rockwell Hardness:     61 HRC
Frame Finish:               Bead blasted grey
Frame Material:            0.15 in thick Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5 titanium alloy
Glass Breaker:             Threaded (replaceable with smooth screw head), tungsten carbide
Overall Length:             6.70 in
Dimensions Closed:     (3.875” long by .5” thick by 1” high)
Configuration:               Right-handed, fully reversible clip
Country of Origin:         USA
MSRP:                         Starting at $512.50
MAP:                            Starting at $410.00
About DPx Gear
Founded in 2008 by explorer, author and adventurer, Robert Young Pelton, DPx Gear, Inc. designs, tests and builds hard use equipment for special operations, expeditions and law enforcement. Learn more at www.dpxgear.com.
Media Department
1041 Market Street #619
San Diego, CA 92101
+1 619 780 2600

DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Mr. DP Black

DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Black Flag 

DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Bronze

DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Flipper Prototype

8 Responses

Sergio Portillo
Sergio Portillo

February 13, 2019

I would happily fairly trade you my newish rare revolver for the Ti flipper prototype, pm me if your interested!
Best regards

DPx Gear
DPx Gear

February 13, 2019

Thank you for your interest in the flipper prototype! To stay updated on this knife, make sure you are signed up to receive our emails. Our email subscribers will be the first to know new product dates, releases and discounts. We are not selling any prototypes currently.


September 13, 2018

I can’t wait for the flipper. I own three other of your knives but I have the feeling the flipper is going to be my favorite. Cool handle, grippy looks and tuff as nails mystic ! Please price it right, I have to have it. When do u think it will be available ?

Barry Ormont
Barry Ormont

July 11, 2018

I have to have the new flipper. The handle is beautiful and looks like it would be very comfortable with no hot spots. Wish I could order it now…!

James W
James W

July 11, 2018

Is there any way at all to purchase the DPx HEST/F Urban Ti Flipper Prototype… I own several DPx knives and that’s gotta be the nicest knife I’ve seen y’all put out!!! Hell anyone out for that matter… If you at least have more pics, I’d love to have one for a screen saver… Thanks so much for your time…

Take Care,
James W

Chris Smith
Chris Smith

July 11, 2018

Greetings from North Carolina, I really like the new flipper. I’m sure yall have been asked a million times, so I will be a million and one…. will there be an email sent out to be put on the list to get a flipper. Have a great day.
Chris S.

William Arford
William Arford

July 11, 2018

When can I expect to see a video of the new Flipper?

william conrad
william conrad

July 11, 2018

Just curious about the urban flipper. Any idea when this will be available for purchase? Thank you

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