Custom Kydex Sheath for HEST 6 Models


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Step it up a notch in your sheath game with this Kydex sheath, made by ZzZ Customs in Oceanside, CA.  This will fit any HEST 6 Model.  It comes with a reversible belt clip, which is fully adjustable for your unique carry requirements.

The reversible DOTS belt clip attachment is made by Springer Precision.  This clip allows you to position your sheath at different carry angles, ensuring comfort and quick deployment. The DOTS attachment will accept belts up to 2 inches. 

This clip itself can be adjusted to fit your exact belt height (up to 2") and has an easy release button on the bottom and clicks in easily to be secured.

The sheath is designed and produced by zZz Customs in Oceanside, California.  It features a drain hole at the end and equally spaced holes that can be used for adjusting the height of the clip, securing more attachments, changing the angle of carry and lashing points.

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