DPx HEFT 12 CHOP Milspec


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The DPx HEFT 12 CHOP, DPx Gear’s first bush knife designed by founder, Robert Young Pelton.  

"After decades in the jungles of Asia, Africa, North America and other remote places, I have always wanted something between a machete and a rugged survival knife,” says DPx Gear founder Robert Young Pelton. “The CHOP is a twelve inch piece of razor sharp [Niolox] steel that makes short work of building camp, cooking, and even self defense.”

The key to the CHOP’s unique patented design is not just the use of the same exotic steel used in the commercial meat processing industry, but also the ergonomics. The shape of the knife is unique. A deeply ergonomic handle with rounded full tang flows into a front-heavy axe-like tip. There are also twelve inches of perfectly straight, sword grind Niolox steel to perform precision work; a flat, thick spine for pounding; a relief area to balance the knife; and a two inch tip with a thicker grind for splitting wood and a thick point for ground work. There are also two clever depressions at the front and back of the spine for batoning through timber.

The overall look is reminiscent of the Asian parang; designs that Pelton used for years on expeditions through the island of Borneo. The crude but flexible car spring blades had to be backed up with a heavy bush knife and small axe for splitting wood that doubled the weight of one’s gear.

The DPx Gear CHOP 12 is the perfect middle ground between a hatchet, machete and heavy bush knife. Paired with a light, tough, skinning knife like the DPx HEST Original, it becomes the perfect outdoor combination.

“This breakthrough blade has been shaped, trimmed and tweaked for the heavy work demanded by extreme environments,” notes Pelton, who spends long periods of time using and testing his prototypes in hard places like Somalia, Afghanistan, Burma, South Sudan, and other areas where he works as a war journalist, explorer and author. “The CHOP is a spare-no-expense survival blade that can be used to cut down a twelve inch tree or even for fine tasks like shaving.”

The DPx HEFT 12 CHOP Milspec is made in Italy by LionSTEEL and features an uncoated Niolox blade, Black G10 scales and a KYDEX expedition sheath made in the USA.

Product Specifications:

Blade Length: 12.52”

Blade Steel: Niolox, 62 HRC

Blade Thickness: 0.22”

Blade Finish: none 

Overall Length: 18.62”

Handle: OD Green G10


Collections: DPx HEFT 12 CHOP, Milspec

Category: CHOP, HEFT, Milspec

Type: Fixed Blade Knives

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