DPx Gear HEFT 4"

The DPx Gear Hostile Environment Fighting Tool (HEFT) 4 may be the most balanced knife we offer. It's discrete enough to keep a low profile, but it's big enough to handle jobs that would compromise most four-inch knives.

The 3.94" (100.08mm) blade is high-performance, German-made Lohmann Niolox stainless steel and is cryo-hardened to a Rockwell Hardness of <59. Lohmann Niolox steel is prized for its ability to hold up to abuse and retain cutting edge. By using Niolox steel, we've combined the best qualities of stainless and high-carbon steels to provide you with a superior hard use tool.

Because Niolox has high-carbon steel characteristics, it is easier to sharpen but can develop corrosion if not coated or cared for. Dry your knife before sheathing or storing it. Like all DPx Gear knives, we ask that you use a whetstone or diamond sharpener to dress the edge, and NEVER use a motorized grinder.

The spine of the blade is an impressive 0.19" (4.83mm) thick, and features three sizes of wire strippers that serve as jimping. The knife has a lanyard hole and lashing points, and an integrated striker and pry bar on the pommel.

The handle scales are secured with two 304 stainless steel hybrid slotted Allen screws. The scales conceal a storage compartment designed for small items like fire starter or water-purification tablets. The handle also has a ¼" magnetized hex driver near the pommel.

The HEFT 4 was designed by Tommaso Rumici with input from Robert Young Pelton and is manufactured by LionSTEEL of Maniago, Northern Italy.

The HEFT 4 is available in two varieties: Assault and Woodsman.
The Assault is a low-profile, high-performance fighting tool. The blade's TiCN PVD black-satin coating over the Niolox blade gives it a low visual signature and very high resistance to corrosion. The HEFT Assault is an excellent choice for law enforcement, security and military use. The contoured handle is made of black American G10 scales. The knife weighs 7.05 oz. (199.86 g) and comes in a black Cordura sheath.

The Woodsman is a brutal-use field tool in an elegant, traditional design. The stonewashed blade has enough belly for skinning jobs, and it's stout enough for the toughest camp chores. The scales are natural finish Brazilian Santos hardwood, and the knife weighs 6.02 oz. (170.66 g). The Woodsman comes in an Italian, hand sewn oil-tanned leather sheath.

DPx Gear knives are guaranteed against manufacturer defects for the life of the purchaser. DPx Gear reserves the right to repair or replace a knife under warranty at DPx Gear's discretion.