DPx HIT Dagger Ti - Sandblasted Sunset Fade


The DPx HIT Dagger Ti (aka "Necker") is designed by RYP to be light and versatile. A tool you don’t even notice until you need it.  The DPx HIT Dagger is a compact, lightweight push dagger/neck knife made in Italy by LionSTEEL and comes with a black leather sheath and adjustable lanyard.  

Weight .65oz / Sheath and Chord: .85oz / All together 1.5oz
Overall Length 3 1/8" long
Color Details Ranges from Gold to pink/purple.  Variations in the color may exist.  See pictures for reference to product color combination.
Steel Stonewashed M390 
Rockwell Hardness 60
Blade Coating none
Blade Thickness 1/16"
Handle Material Anodized Matte Titanium in a Gold to pink/purple fade

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