The Differences Between the HEST/F 1.0 and 2.0

The Differences Between the HEST/F 1.0 and 2.0

September 16, 2015


  • The position of the blade pivot was moved.
  • The position of the touching point between blade and locking bar was moved; In the first run this point was 5.8 mm away from the blade pivot, the second run is 6.7mm.  This has reduced the movement; less power from the blade to locking bar.
  • You can not touch the edge with a finger when the blade is closed. There is more space from the edge to the back of the knife.


  • The locking bar is longer. The thrust angle was reduced on the frame from 42° to 37.9°; this creates less twisting of the locking bar.


  • The angle in the heel of the blade was changed. The old one was 11°, the new one is round.


  • The thumb stud is 14.3 mm away from the blade pivot, the old one was 13.5 mm. This adjustment makes it easier to open the blade.


  • The bottom of the handle is larger, so no problem with tip of the blade sticking out of handle in a closed position.
  • There is more space on the G10 handle fora finger to unlock the locking bar.
  • The new thickness of the G-10 is 4.2 mm, vs. the old one, which was 3.2 mm.


  • The spacer is longer, making a more solid knife.


  • The stainless steel liner has been removed.

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