Press Release - DPx Gear Introduces the DPx HIT Cutter: The Carabiner-Carry Knife that Never Needs a Sheath

Press Release - DPx Gear Introduces the DPx HIT Cutter: The Carabiner-Carry Knife that Never Needs a Sheath

July 28, 2014

DPx Gear® Introduces the DPx H•I•T™ Cutter

The Carabiner –Carry Knife that Never Needs a Sheath

San Diego, California – July 28, 2014 – Robert Young Pelton, founder of DPx Gear, Inc., innovates again with a new design that eliminates the sheath for a hard use fixed blade knife. The new DPx HIT Cutter is the first knife in the new DPx HIT (Handle Inversion Tool) line of knives that all feature an integrated pivoting blade guard and handle. This patent pending concept is called DPx Centric™. Pelton tested the DPx HIT on his recent trip into the violent world of South Sudan, where he was to be the first to document the South Sudanese White Army in combat.

DPx HIT on Pack in Sudan The HIT Cutter Easily Clips on to Gear in South Sudan

The 5.5 inch long, 0.19-inch thick martensitic steel knife has a wicked two-inch edge yet weighs less than three ounces. The carabiner mount and one finger control is intended for emergency responders, climbers, rafters, divers and any other application where an easily accessible, exact control hard use cutting tool is necessary. The knife is made from CPM S35VN stainless American steel hardened to 61 Rockwell scale to maintain its cutting edge under abuse.

The locking blade guard means there is no need for a bulky or heavy sheath. It can be carried on a pack, belt loop or lanyard with confidence. A forward push of a finger against the thumb stud releases the guard which, with minimal assistance, snaps back smoothly to become the handle. When not in use, the guard snaps back and locks automatically due to the clever spring-action DPx Centric design.

The DPx HIT Cutter knife manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $187.50. For additional information and a video of the DPx Centric in action visit

Product Specifications

UPC: 857171003398
Blade Steel & Finish: Stonewashed CPM S35VN
Blade Temper: 61 HRC
Blade Length: 2.00” (51 mm)
Blade Thickness: 0.19” (5 mm)
Overall Length: 5.50” (140 mm)
Weight: 2.88 oz. (82 g)
Country of Origin: U.S.A.

High-resolution images and any additional information can be obtained by contacting the media contact listed below.

About DPx Gear

Founded in 2008, DPx Gear, Inc. designs, tests and builds hard use equipment for Special Operations, expedition members, law enforcement, and demanding customers. Learn more at DPx Gear currently manufactures over 50 products and holds 17 patents.

Media Contact:

Media Manager

2321 Kettner Blvd.

San Diego, CA 92101

+1 619 780 2601


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