Buying American Quality Supports American Craftsmen

Buying American Quality Supports American Craftsmen

August 12, 2020

With the crazy climate nowadays, we can all agree it's time to support America and American made products more.  Sure, you can get another high end knife in the same price range as the DPx HEST/F Urban Ti.  There are a lot of makers that stay rooted to American design, materials and craftsmanship - and that’s OK - but the DPx Gear Urban series was designed to be 100% American and put money into the pockets of hard working, talented Americans. 

The Urbans are made by (famed Country singer) Zac Brown's company, Southern Grind in Atlanta, GA.  Not only does he make great products and music, he also has amazing programs he supports, like the Camp Southern Ground.  Think about that when choosing your next high end EDC - aside from fancy materials and features, how is your daily carry giving back?  

We are proud of the Urban's evolution; from blazing trails as the first American made pocket knife to be funded by Kickstarter, to being a solid American made heirloom enjoyed by many here and overseas.  All materials are high quality and 100% American made.  

The HEST/F Urbans are not the only American knives we make.  Our roots are in American makers.  The DPx HEST Original, our flagship knife, is made in Idaho; and the DPx HEAT Hikers are made by White River Knives in Michigan.

Recently We Took A Survey About the HEST/F Urban

The feedback was overall, very positive.  Below are some quotes from the comments:

"This knife does everything I need it to and more. I carry it everywhere: work, wilderness and around town."

"It's a supremely handy little knife. It feels like it's far better built than the majority of other compact EDC blades out there."

"Super handy EDC."

"Excellent craftsmanship, my daily carry."

"Love the pocket quick open feature. So easy and nicely unobtrusive."

"This is my EDC, and has been since December of 2019. It’s a rock solid build."

FInd Your Next Urban Here

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