Locking D Carabiner - Black Anodized Aluminum



Carabiners are not just functional for rope intensive activities, but also help prevent luggage theft and keep items organized and accounted for when traveling.

All your carry-on bags and waist packs should be carabiner-ed together to discourage theft and to remind you to take everything when you leave.

Carabiners can be used to click baggage handles together, making it awkward for thieves to walk away with them. Get used to fastening your bags together so that you never lose track of anything, even your camera. Use yellow tape to identify your bags to porters who don’t speak English; simply point at the same yellow tape on your carry-on. Number your bags 1 of 3, etc., so that you force yourself to do a count.


Essential equipment for a variety of operations, these locking carabiners are rated to 26kN over 5,800 pounds.


• Working load strength force rated to 26kN in excess of 5,800 lbs.
• Black anodized aluminum

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