SAS Jungle Hammock with Mosquito Net


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Sleeping in the jungle is probably one of the most unpleasant parts of tropical travel. Like clockwork, the rain pours at night along with some insects that go off at 6:30pm sharp, later on rodents, insects and all manner of large and unnamed species will crawl, flutter, slither and hop into your life. 

Pelton says of jungle sleeping arrangements: "Although I spent years sleeping directly on the ground usually with a tarp, I would not recommend it for the squeamish. In some jungles, you can actually drown if you don’t pick your spot wisely. Worse is the relentless pursuit of biting or stinging insects to explore every inch of your body. Not to mention how miserable it can be to unglue yourself from the mud at dawn."

The ideal method of sleeping is to copy the locals. Use a hammock but one that has a bit of western technology thrown in. I now swear by the SAS style jungle hammock with built in bug screen and an overhanging tarp. All you need is some rope and carabiners depending on the location. A cheap fleece blanket and your headlamp and you are good to go.   


This Jungle Hammock with Mosquito Net made by Snug Pak is great for those who don’t want to carry a tent but want protection from insects. This Jungle Hammock comes with Mosquito Netting built right into the product. Its great for those looking for a simple solution when out and about in the woods or jungle. 

It is made with 20D Polyester, a parachute nylon material and No-See-Um Mosquito mesh 1000 per square inch, to prevent insects from disturbing your sleep. The Jungle Hammock with Mosquito Net is supplied with 4 pieces of 4m/13ft long elasticated guy ropes as well as a Suspension Attachment System with tree protectors. Supplied with two steel carabiners for attaching to the Suspension Attachment System. Max User Weight: 180kg/400lbs

Suspension Attachment System: Made out of “550” paracord with knots spaced to allow for various attachment points and distances from the tree or post to the hammock. No more fumbling and tying knots, nor finding the perfectly spaced tree as the Suspension Attachment System allows for various lengths to attach the hammock as required. Simply wrap the Suspension Attachment System around the desired tree then run the knotted end through the loop end and attach the carabiner on the hammock to the knotted section to achieve the desired length and height when setting up.


Set up instructions



Olive Drab
WIDTH 4'8"
PACK SIZE 8" x 7" x 2.5" 




Collections: Survival Gear

Category: hammock, jungle, mosquito net

Type: Survival Gear

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