Press Release - Saving South Sudan: RYP Writes Entire Issue of VICE Magazine

Press Release - Saving South Sudan: RYP Writes Entire Issue of VICE Magazine

April 28, 2014


Adventurer & DPx Gear® Founder Robert Young Pelton Becomes the First Outsider to Ride Along with South Sudan’s White Army in Combat, Finds Rebel Leader Dr. Riek Machar and Documents Experiences as Sole Author of Latest Issue of VICE® Magazine

San Diego, California – April 28, 2014 – Adventurer, Author, and Founder of DPx Gear, Robert Young Pelton has penned the entire 50,000-word, 130-page April issue of VICE magazine about he and photographer/filmmaker Tim Freccia’s recent experience hunting down rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar in South Sudan and riding along with the White Army in combat. When VICE Editor-in-Chief, Rocco Castoro, learned of Pelton and Freccia’s plans, he seized upon the opportunity to devote an issue to the adventure. Although VICE, a cutting-edge lifestyle magazine, has done single topic issues they have never dedicated an entire issue to the work of one person. VICE-April-2014-Cover

Returning with exclusive interviews and footage, Pelton and the VICE creative team set about writing, editing and getting the publication to press. The printed magazine will be available staring Monday April 28, 2014 followed by an online version and a 45-minute documentary of the trip. The electronic article and documentary will be posted at

About Robert Young Pelton

Robert Young Pelton, 58, is an explorer, author, and adventurer known for his coverage of conflict in Somalia, Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Chechnya, Philippines and many other regions. He is author of the New York Times best selling book, The World’s Most Dangerous Places; Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror; Come Back Alive; Raven and the upcoming Finding Kony. He has written numerous articles and been profiled in National Geographic, Foreign Policy, BusinessWeek, and Outside magazine and is a regular guest on FOX News. Learn more at

About DPx Gear

Founded in 2008, DPx Gear, Inc. designs, tests and builds hard use equipment for special operations, expeditions and law enforcement. Learn more at



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RYP Featured in Blade Magazine

RYP Featured in Blade Magazine

October 30, 2012

See the Blade Magazine blog post here.

A visitor to some of the world’s most dangerous places, Robert Young Pelton is more than simply a modern-day adventurer. He places himself in harm’s way to bring relevant perspective to the armed struggles that continue to grip various regions around the world.

Also known by his initials of RYP, Pelton has become a recognized figure, discussing his experiences on major television networks, producing documentary films, and writing several books (includingLicensed To Kill, among others) to commemorate his experiences, and providing practical survival techniques and training tips to a vast audience of readers. During his travels, he has lived among the Taliban and Somali pirates and ridden alongside CIA and private contractor personnel performing security and investigative functions in the war-torn regions of the Balkans, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

His latest venture is the founding of a knife company, DPx Gear, specializing in rugged, versatile knives specifically suited for combat, rescue and survival in hostile environments. At the most recent BLADE Show, the company won the Blade Magazine 2012 Most Innovative Imported Design® for the HEST T3. Through it all, Pelton has maintained a healthy respect for the function and necessity of the knife. His understanding of its uses as a tool and as a weapon has come from practical experience, literally in the line of fire and in dangerous situations on a regular basis.

“I don’t have a military background,” Pelton commented during a recent interview. “I actually began my career as a copywriter and then worked with Steve Jobs on the launch of the Mac computer and then with the Upper Deck baseball card company in marketing.”

When he subsequently decided to take a month off work, Pelton picked a random spot on the map and decided to strike out on his first adventure. From there, his series of expeditions grew rapidly into an industry, an industry fraught with high risk—but in his mind, high return as well. Practical experience led to the realization that a high-performance knife is an essential component of the adventurer’s package and to Pelton’s involvement with DPx. He designed the HEST (Hostile Environment Survival Tool) as a result of his experience, and the subsequent product line reflects his time in the field.

“As you start out, you have that moment when you’ve got to get your stuff together, right?” he winked. “Traveling in dangerous places and war zones means you aren’t able to carry a lot, and I was looking for something that would work not only as a survival knife that works when you’re lost and rubbing two sticks together, but also something that works for defense if somebody jumps you.”—BY MIKE HASKEW


To read the complete story on RYP and his world travels, check out the digital version of the December BLADE®. For info on how to get your digital copy, click on




1) Robert Young Pelton with U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan, 2001. (photo courtesy of RYP)


2) Pelton and his DPx Gear won the Blade Magazine 2012 Most Innovative Imported Design for the HEST T3 folding knife. (Point Seven photo)


3) RYP interviews Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai. (photo courtesy of RYP)

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DPx H•E•F•T Line Featured on Cover of Tactical Knives Magazine

DPx H•E•F•T Line Featured on Cover of Tactical Knives Magazine

September 09, 2012

September 2012 Tactical Knives Magazine Cover

The September 2012 issue of Tactical Knives magazine gives the DPx HEFT 6 Assault the cover spot and includes an article about DPx Gear's H•E•F•T line of fixed blade knives. The line is popular with local military personnel and knives have been purchased by members out of their own pockets to replace their standard issue gear. You can read the entire article here or find the article in the Tactical Knives September 2012 issue on newsstands now.

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